I am completely unqualified to do a relationship blog, much less a marriage blog.  That’s why I’m sort of doing a failed relationship blog. I am not anti-relationship at all, but I’m so bad at it that the best I can hope to do is let other people see my failings, as sort of a canary in a coal mine thing.  I’ll go ahead and be the canary in this case.  I’m sure there will be all sorts of disagreement with my views.  But frankly I’m not giving any advice, just personal observations.  While everyone is entitled to disagree with my opinions, no one can disagree with my experiences.  They happened and it is as simple as that.  I can only point out what I’ve done and why it hasn’t worked (assuming I know why it hasn’t worked). That in and of itself is a huge question. But perhaps you can watch as I try to figure the whole thing out. While I’m not looking for any sympathy whatsoever, I do hope that empathetic people would use my feelings and failings as guideposts for themselves.

I am not sure I want to reveal my identity.  There is a certain safety behind anonymity, and I may speak with more candor.  I suppose if it becomes relevant to reveal my identity in the future I will.